Vat4 Safaris & 4x4 Training

The Course

The aim of our course is to familiarize owners with their vehicles, to realize the full capabilities of off-road vehicles and to gain self-confidence and responsibility towards the maintenance and care of their vehicles. Our emphasis is on education and responsibility – treading with respect.

A typical training day starts with a theoretical session covering subjects like suspension and transmission set-ups, body and chassis designs, engines and the environment.

During the practical session on the obstacle course various driving techniques are demonstrated – on as well as off road. We look at the correct way to read an obstacle, usage of the brake and clutch, high and low gearing and braking methods. A lot of emphasis is placed on safety – following distances, entering obstacles, reading the correct line and momentum vs speed and traction.

A course of this nature prepares an owner for any off road eventuality and is therefore a prerequisite for any prospective vehicle owner.

Alkmaar 4X4 Trail

Alkmaar is situated about 16 km west of Nelspruit, the capital of Mpumalanga province. This working citrus and macadamia farm boasts a compact route, of about 7 km long, with a variety of challenges, across spectacular lowveld scenery.

Also, at the Bushcamp, is an obstacle course, with challenges ranging  from easy to difficult.
The Bush camp is an ideal venue for corporate functions, team building events, private functions and small wedding ceremonies.

Vehicles with good ground clearance and low range can drive the trail.

Courses Offered

Level 1

Basic introductory course for the beginner or first time owner.

Level 2

Advanced course with more difficult obstacles and in depth recovery techniques.
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